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Protein Price Risks Remain Despite No Deal with China

Posted by Kate Hubbard on May 22, 2019 12:56:45 PM

The May 21st issue of ArrowStream's Weekly Commodity Report discusses the outlook of trade deals with Asia. Commodities expert and EVP of Analytics at ArrowStream, David Maloni, summarized his perspective:

"As we discussed earlier [in the Weekly Commodity Report], Japan has lifted the age restrictions on U.S. beef imports, which should open more cow product business (take note, lean trim buyers). But perhaps more important here is the likelihood that a new trade agreement with Japan is close. And with protein trade flows altering due to China’s supply challenge, there is a risk that exports of beef and other items to Japan could pick up rather notably. The chart below compares the export opportunity to Japan compared to the U.S. supply. The bigger the percentage, the bigger the risk that larger exports could impact prices to our readers. Lo and behold, the major protein items made up three of the top six, which suggests a trade deal with Japan could be supportive of those markets."

Protein Price Risks Remain Despite No Deal with China


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