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Employee Spotlight #1 Ben Holschuh

Posted by Zeph Williams on Jan 21, 2022 3:43:08 PM

We are excited to introduce Ben Holschuh - senior product manager at ArrowStream. Ben has over twenty years of experience working in the foodservice supply chain industry and joined the ArrowStream team last year. 

“Ben is a brilliant mind and he approaches problems with a carefully planned, thoughtful, yet aggressive strategy. He understands how to lead teams to deliver on big ideas, and articulate future value to customers in a non-technical way. He’s a great listener, a fantastic person, and fun to work with. I hope we cross paths again because he was a pleasure to work with.” 

- Matthew Joiner, Enterprise Sales Director at ArrowStream 

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Beginner's Guide to Sustainable Food Supply Chain Management

Posted by Kate Hubbard on Sep 4, 2020 9:00:00 AM

Food supply chain management software can improve profit margins while promoting sustainable operations. Read on to learn about modern features.

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6 Best Practices for Restaurant Supply Chain Management

Posted by Kate Hubbard on Aug 20, 2020 9:00:00 AM

There’s no doubt that an ever-changing foodservice environment creates additional, unwelcomed supply chain challenges for restaurant chain operators, and many are discovering that what used to work is no longer enough to thrive in a modern foodservice environment. 

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