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Cheese Prices Falling

Overcoming U.S. Food Supply Chain Disruptions amidst COVID-19

Cheese Prices Still Inflated

Restaurant Sales Improve as Grocery Stores Decline

USDA Boosts Protein Supply Forecasts

Restaurant Recovery Faces Additional Obstacles

States Limit Hospitality Industry Operations as COVID Cases Rise

Restaurants Recovering Slower Than Other Retail Segments

COVID-19 Cases Rising in Three of the Largest Restaurant States

Protein Supply Improves

Restaurant Dine-In Sees Cautious Consumers

April Restaurant Sales Tell Another Story From the Long-Term Trends

Foodservice Saw Largest One-Month Job Loss in April

Restaurant Dine-In Re-Opening

COVID-19's Historic Protein Supply Decline

Have We Seen the Worst of COVID-19 Restaurant Sales?

ArrowStream COVID-19 State Ranking Model to Signal Restaurant Openings and the Return of the Consumer

Weekly Restaurant Purchasing Trends Added to COVID-19 Resource Center

Food Markets Reacting to COVID-19

Restaurants the Third Largest Share of Retail Sales on Record: Shows Greater COVID-19 Impact

Leisure & Hospitality is the Fifth Largest Employer: Restaurant Bailout Makes Sense

COVID-19 Impact: 17% of Restaurant Sales Dependent on Most At-Risk Adults

COVID-19 Continues to Cause Market Volatility for Foodservice Commodities

Coronavirus Starts to Impact Restaurant Consumers

Is the Restaurant Industry Recession Proof?

Restaurant Sales Surge

Restaurant Labor Costs Remain High

Ample Beef Supplies Likely Ending

Will Ample Chicken Supplies Continue?

Restaurant Sales Solid in December but Still Need to Monitor in 2020

Menu Price Inflation Continues to Outpace Grocery Stores

Beef Price Volatility

French Fry Supply Concerns

China Impacting Beef Prices

Strong Pork Exports to China Now But What About Next Year?

Restaurant Traffic Struggles

Beef Supply May Be Concerning

China's Not-So-Scary Pork Problem

Restaurants Capturing Consumer Share at Record Levels

USDA Releases Its Dairy Cold Storage Data

Labor Costs Affecting the Foodservice Supply Chain

Restaurants Battle Rising Labor Costs

USDA Points to Big Pork Supplies

Chicken Wing Demand Challenges

Hamburger Prices at Risk

Cheese Prices Continue to Rise

ArrowStream to Speak on the Digital Transformation of Foodservice Supply Chain

Trade War Subsidies Helping Farmers and Restaurants

Tighter Beef Supplies Projected for Autumn

Cheese Prices Reach Multi-Year Highs

Grain Crops Get a Boost

Has African Swine Fever Caused a Protein Supply Shortage?

Bacon Consumption Continues to Sizzle

Cattle Herd Has Topped

Are Menu Prices Tempering Restaurant Traffic?

Corn and Soybean Crops Continue to Struggle

Chicken Wing Demand Fireworks

Restaurant Traffic Growth is Slowing

Pricier Hamburgers Expected

6 Best Practices for Improving Your Sourcing Strategy

Will Expensive Corn Impact Protein Supplies?

Bacon Demand Continues to Sizzle

Protein Price Risks Remain Despite No Deal with China

Is the U.S. Corn Crop in Trouble?